Dr. Simon Yu- Parasites and dental infections are often overseen

During the IGMEDT 2019 (International Days of Holistic Medicine in Vienna, Austria) Dr. Simon Yu (St. Louis) gave a talk on his diagnostic tool AMA (Acupuncture Meridian Assessment) which is a modified and simplified version of R. Voll’s EAV and allows Dr. Yu to assess the meridians in a short amount of time.

AMA measures skin resistance on certain points on the meridians, deviations from the norm indiciate to a problem on the respective meridian. A reading of 20 on a certain point of the Lymph meridian for instance is associated with a dental problem. Through an ingenious, reproducible system Dr. Yu then can localize the problem precisely. 

A reading of 25 on the gall bladder meridian can together with deviations on the small- and large intestine meridian be associated with a parasite problem.

What makes the work of Dr. Yu special and unique is the synthesis of a bioenergetic, reproducible assessment system with orthodox medication and procedures. He successfully uses anthelmintics as Ivermectin, Albendazole, Mebendazole, Tinidazole, Pyrantel Pamoate, Praziquantel, Niclosamide and cooperates with dentists and dental surgeons: dead teeth are to be removed and cavitations to be cleaned out. 

Apart from antiparasite treatment and dental work Dr. Yu uses antifungal medication as Nystatin,  Fluconazol and Itraconazol and chelation to treat for heavy metalls.

During his talk he emphasized that he might be known as a so-called parasite expert but he would rather like to be known as an expert to identify and fight dental foci. He emphasized that a thorough parasite treatment is only possible if the necessary dental work is done. As protozoa fro instance reside in dental roots and cause a constant reinfection. 

As far as dosage of the antiparasite medication is concerned, Dr. Yu stressed that a high dosage is paradoxically handled better and causes less side effects, subtherapeutic drug levels may allow parasites to move from the intestines to the lung or the pancreas.

Apart from the the talk in Austria, in August 2018 I attended the AMA course in St. Louis, followed by a 1-week internship in Dr. Yu’s clinic. Moreover I also attended the AMA course in Bad Aibling (February 2019).

Dr. Simon Yu’s book Accidental Cure contains a lot of case reports and backgrounds information.

Twice yearly, there are AMA courses in St. Louis.

Diagnostic and treatment according to Dr. Simon Yu are available at my practice in Cologne and in Austria, Vöcklabruck at Dr. Helmut Retzek’s practice.

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