We are a private medical practice without admission to public health insurance. Treatment is therefore possible for self-paying public health insurance patients and privately insured patients. I have consciously decided against a health insurance admission because it allows me to be freer in the choice of my therapy methods and I can take the necessary time for my patients.
I am aware that unfortunately some patients will be denied therapy in my practice due to cost reasons. If you have the feeling that the treatment in my practice would exceed your financial framework, write to me, perhaps we will find a solution together.

For anamnesis (recording of the medical history), examination (for example physical examination, ECG, ultrasound, etc.), acupuncture, the usual fees according to the official “Gebührenordnung für Ärzte” (GOÄ – scale of fees for physicians) apply with 2.3 to max. 3.5 times the rate. In the case of increased expenditure of time for examinations, treatments, and consultations within the framework of integrative medicine, the GOÄ standard rate is sometimes exceeded (information on the scale of fees for physicians can be found at Invoice recipient is in any case the patient, regardless of the proportion, which is taken over by the private health insurance. The amount not entirely reimbursed by the private insurances is to be paid by the patient himself.

Not every private health insurance does reimburse so-called “analog numbers” of the GOÄ for the accounting of alternative medical procedures (according to the recommendations of the Hufeland list). Please inform yourself and read your terms and conditions carefully in each case.

The alternative and complementary medical diagnosis/therapy methods and prescribed herbal and homeopathic preparations used in my practice are for the most part not scientifically recognized and are considered “medically unnecessary” by health insurance companies. Private health insurance companies are therefore not obliged to reimburse the costs for this, or experience has shown that they do not cover the costs or do not cover them in full. For legal reasons, “medically unnecessary” services are only provided on your “expressed request” from the doctor.

What are the approximate costs I have to expect?

The first consultation will cost approx. 320 Euros. A single ozone treatment with autologous blood is priced at approx. 70 Euros, the High Dose Ozone Therapy according to Dr. Lahodny costs between 250-300 Euros depending on the time that is necessary for the treatment. Second and following consultations will cost 160 Euros per hour.

Please note that laboratory tests are an external service, the laboratory will charge you for that separately. The above mentioned prices are examples, there is an enormous commitment to transparency on our part. We aim at informing you about the probable costs BEFORE an appointment. Please feel free to send us an inquiry: and let us clear the financial part.

We request you to pay the invoice by debit card in our office. Thanks for your understanding.

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