Modern acupuncture as a remedy

Modern acupuncture according to John Boel has – apart from the use of acupuncture needles – not much in common with classical Far Eastern acupuncture. John Boel is Danish and has developed his ingenious system for the treatment of various diseases in recent decades.


For which diseases/health issues is this form of acupuncture used?

How can acupuncture help with macular degeneration?

Patients who suffer from a wet or dry age-related macular degeneration often face complete vision loss in the long run. The psychological strainand the search for alternative therapy options are correspondingly great when conventional medicine is at the end of its rope.

Modern acupuncture according to John Boel can be successfully used for the treatment of macular degeneration. The aim is to stop or slow down the deterioration of visual acuity, in some cases the vision may even improve.

The acupuncture points used during eye acupuncture are not close to or inside the eye but on the forehead, hands, and feet. During the first acupuncture session, vision is tested before and after the treatment. If there is no change, I do not recommend further meetings.

This “pre-test” shows whether a longer-term therapy makes sense or not. However, if the test is positive, a therapy plan is discussed in which acupuncture is performed twice a day at intervals of one hour on ten days during the first two weeks.

The treatment intervals are then extended. As a rule, treatment is then carried out every four weeks to keep the result stable.

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