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In our medical practice in Cologne we combine the reasonable and necessary from the field of conventional medicine with the powerful and effective of alternative and complementary medicine according to the concept of integrative medicine.

I use all those elements from the spectrum of medicine that I, as a patient, use myself and that I recommend or prescribe to my family and friends.

The ultimate goal, wherever possible, is to restore health at all levels.

Special focuses of my work are

I apply therapies from the following areas

Through my work as an emergency doctor and continuous education in this area, I’m in constant contact with the field of conventional medicine, which provides us with important services.

I have been intensively involved with homeopathy for 15 years now and it is the main area of therapy in my practice.

Heavy metals that need to be disposed as hazardous waste aren’t good for your body. With appropriate therapies, heavy metals such as mercury can be removed effectively.

With the help of a new, ingenious system of modern acupuncture according to John Boel, various diseases can be treated effectively and sustainably.

In the case of an unfulfilled desire to have a baby, I use different methods in collaboration with coach Jasmin Ghelman to fulfill your wish to become a parent.

To combat phobias and anxiety (such as fear of flying, fear of heights, spider phobia), hypnotherapy may prove useful.

Latest information on current topics of integrative medicine

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